Days in Shan 2016.03.18 Yun Ting Wu

sub : Sent to the wrong goods

The most important part of my daily work is making sure we have enough goods to sell at back stage which is the system of controlling stocks. 


However, I had bad luck today. There is a client called Books which just ordered 4 kinds of items on March 15, but we only gave them 3 which was a very serious mistake. I have to telephone the contact to apologize. 

I’m not afraid of dealing these kinds of problems, because I understand no matter how hard I tried, situation always goes to bad end after joining this company. 

但是今天 很不幸的,博客來在3/15下了一筆訂單,總共四項商品,但我們的出貨部門只出貨了3項,我必須打電話去跟對方的採購道歉,我並不害怕面對處理這樣的事情

,來到善品牌後,我就知道  無論自己再怎麼努力,事情還是會往不順利的方向發展著。

What I concern about is the new colleague, she just joined this company, and she has high expectation of job, I’m a bit worried that she couldn’t adopt it.


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